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The Prud'homme Library Project

In the spring and summer of 2019, I co-curated and directed an exhibition in public libraries across Canada. The exhibitions showcases rare items from a newly-discovered library of forged and faked archival objects originally belonging to the Prud'homme family. The workshops associated with the exhibitions were open to the public and encouraged writers and readers of all ages to use their imaginations as they enter archives and libraries, to make new art,  and to question official histories given to us through the authorities of museums and textbooks. In the end, over 100 artists, writers, academics, students, magicians, and makers collaborated to produce the exhibit. The project was funded by a one-time Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter Grant. The website for the project can be found at:

At The Edge: A Collaborative Novel

Along with a collection of writers from across Canada, my long-time writing friend Sarah Selecky and I wrote a doubly-collaborative chapter in this collaborative novel edited by Marjorie Anderson and Deborah Schnitzer. The mystery begins one September morning as strangers converge on a university quadrangle due to violent and unexpected circumstances: a besieged father, an Agatha Christie expert, an incidental thief, enduring lovers, and runaway children. Which chapter is ours? You'll have to guess! What happens to the victim in the end? It's up to you! Two possible endings complete this unique experiment of genre, form, and authorship.

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